About Me

I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at California State University, San Bernardino.

Previously, I had been a Postdoctoral Visiting Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oklahoma. I grew up in Denver, Colorado, received my undergraduate degrees in mathematics and physics from the University of Chicago, and my Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan.

Professionally, I am interested in both mathematics research and mathematics education.


In the fall of 2020 I am teaching:

Math 2310 - Applied Linear Algebra

Math 3329 - Euclidean Geometry with Transformations


I am currently advising master theses / independent studies in:

Hyperbolic reflection groups

Cryptography and Programming

Recent & Upcoming Conferences & Workshops

2019/03 - AMS Spring Sectional - Honolulu, HI

2019/04 - Oberwolfach, Germany

2019/04 - KIAS, Korea

2019/06 - AIM SQuaRE - San Jose, CA

2019/11 - AMS Fall Sectional - Riverside, CA

2020/03 - AIM Workshop - San Jose, CA


Office: JB 326

Email: Jeffrey.Meyer at csusb.edu

(Pictured above: The 3rd Pell geodesic in the modular surface. I created this gif in Sage.)